FINALLY I have got my hands on some cookie dough oreos! I am not a fan of regular oreos (mainly because of the white icing in the middle), but cookie dough…. now you got me. I’ve been hearing about these for a long time but have not seen them around. Well, I decided to go to target today and they weren’t in the aisle! BUT as I was checking out with my other items, I saw a display of oreos and checked for the cookie dough ones and behold there were 2 packs hiding behind the display. I made sure no one was looking and snatched them!

Ok now to the most important part, the taste test. These oreos are fucking (excuse my french) amazing. I mean fucking amazing.. there is no other way to put it. At first bite I wasn’t sure that I was going to enjoy because it was pretty sweet like the original oreos. However, once I continued to chew I realized that though it is sweet, the cookie dough flavor truly comes through. The sweet taste of cookie dough with the crunchy cookie is absolutely phenomenal, who needs a man when you’ve got cookie dough oreos.

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