Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell

Fun fact of the day I LOVE and I mean LOVE Jeffery Campbell shoes. Whenever I wear my JC’s I always get a compliment, whether it be from a man or a woman JC’s are definitely statement shoes.

Though the price of Jeffrey Campbell’s can range from manageable to not so manageable, I somehow have managed to buy most of my shoes more than half off. SO! The other day my best friend and I (the other youniche) decided to stop by the Urban Outfitters outlet. While she was looking at clothes I ran to the shoe section. To my surprise…. they had Jeffrey Campbells on sale, CLEARANCE. These shoes are normally $205, but they were marked down to 20….. Now… Jeffrey Campbell’s at 20 dollars is unheard of! I legit almost dropped my panties right there. However, I have very small feet (size 5) and it is rare to find shoes in my size. I searched through the boxes and found a pair of 6’s. Having several other pairs of Jeffrey Campbells I was aware that they do tend to run a bit big but for 20 dollars I was willing to double up on the socks or do whatever it takes to make them fit.

The oxford creepers (black) are mine. I loved the shiny patent with the multiglitter in the clear space. These shoes are so versatile. They could be dressed up with a skirt or dress or dressed down with some shorts and a graphic tee. I can already think of a bajillion outfits for them.

The other youniche was drawn to the white pair (also on sale for 20 bucks). She said the pure white color drew her attention and she just had to have them. The white pair are a more crinkled leather though it doesn’t show too well in the picture. I was so proud to introduce my other youniche to the world of Jeffrey Campbell! I have already styled her in 3 outfits for these shoes and maybe we’ll share some in the future ❤