Spring/Summer 2014 Shoe Haul

Hey gals and guys! Sorry for being gone for such a long time! I was on spring break and was out of town/working. This post will be dedicated to my love of shoes. I have a horrible problem of buying more shoes than I could ever wear, so much that I have to store them under my bed to hide them from my parents… hahaha

Though I love shoes I also love a bargain, so I rarely buy shoes for full price unless I am in love with them. In this haul I have bought one shoe for full price and the rest were bought on sale! SO let’s get started!


This is just an overview of all the shoes in the boxes (besides the batman ones because forever 21 does not box their shoes)

ImageAs you can see most of my shoes are sneakers… I am currently going through my sneakerhead phase where I am just buying sneakers (I usually buy a lot of heels). The first shoe on the on the top row is my Jeffrey Campbells that were featured in a previous blog post! Once again they were bought at an Urban Outfitters outlet mall for 20dollars, originally over 200 dollars.

Right next to my JCs are the batman wedged sneakers from forever21. These were on sale for $18.99 with an extra 30% off.

Next are my Jordan son of mars, the bel airs! These are inspired by Fresh Prince of Bel Air and I loved that show so I had to get them! ❤ These were the one pair that I got for full price at $79.99. Those these are definitely pricy for me I loved them so much and had to get them. Every time the retros are released I itch to get them but I know I don’t need anymore shoes so I end up not buying them haha. For all you sneakerheads out there I’m assuming you would understand the need for more sneakers with every release. It’s been hard but I’ve been pretty good about it so far.

Next are my Nike sb that I got from the Nike factory store for I believe $13.99 or something around there. I had actually been eyeing these shoes online at 6pm.com for some time but decided I didn’t need them in my life. BUT!!! when I saw that they were so cheap I couldn’t pass them up. I knew that  I would not be able to sleep at night knowing I had let go of such a good deal.

The last shoe of the top row are my wedges from Aldo. These wedges were also from the Aldo outlet store. I don’t remember exactly, but I believe these shoes were under 20 dollars, originally around 100. (sorry I didn’t keep my receipts).I love these shoes so much I think they’re the perfect color. I have an obsession with black but I think the grey and pink straps really give this shoe style and people will definitely notice them on my feet. The only problem I have with them is that since they have a suede texture they can look kind of hot for spring/summer but I think I could make it work.

Onto the 2nd row! The shoe on the way left are obviously Converse! I have been wanting these converse for about a year, I think they originally came out last year and have been continued to this time. For some reason I just couldn’t justify spending 30+ dollars on these shoes though I spend more on other shoes… However Nordstroms currently have them on sale for $22! That is the cheapest I have ever seen the mint ones be so I couldn’t stop myself. I will most definitely be wearing these shoes A LOT this spring. Since my wardrobe is filled with black I think the mint shoes will be the perfect pop of color to my outfits. (I have a major mint fixation… all my cell phone cases, clothes, notebooks, pens are all mint…)

NEXT!!! are my SUPRAS! These are my first pair of Supras! They are so fucking sick! I got these from pldnr.com I paid $71.05 for them which includes shipping and handling. While expensive, I’m pretty sure the original price was over $100 dollars. Looking at them now I don’t regret it at all. Though I’m not usually a fan of pink these shoes are just so fucking sick. I love the rubber sides and how neon they are. They are also very wide making them so comfortable as well as being super light! I recommend everyone to get a pair right now!

Finally, the last two pairs of shoes are my sandals from Aldo outlet store. Both sandals were on clearance and I think I paid less than 10 dollars on either of them. I think the bow flip flops were around 7 dollars and the other were about 10. I love bows so I couldn’t pass the flip flops up and the bejeweled sandals just looked so refreshing, they will definitely fancy up any grungy outfit I decide to put together during the summer.


This is just a side view of some of the shoes to show you a bit more detail~ I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was super long so if you made it thus far thank you so much ❤ Just in case any one was wondering I have super small fit and fit into kids shoes, thus I pay less for shoes than most people! I some how end up finding great deals on a lot of shoes and am always willing to share my deals! OH and I had also bought 2 wedged sneakers from target for 10 dollars each! But they weren’t really “spring/summer” shoes so I decided not to add them to this haul. I wear both of them religiously. Anyways~ thank you so much for reading and hope you guys enjoyed this post and please give feedback and post pictures of your shoes for this spring/summer season as well!