Sephora Collection: Rouge Infusion Lip Ink

Happy Monday!

I bought the Sephora collection of Rouge Infusion Lip Ink a week ago on an impulse.
The packaging reminded me of test tubes (science geek right here) and before I knew it, I had 2 in my basket.
The colors I got are: 06 coral extract & 08 tangerine ink
(I tried taking pictures of them on my phone to show you guys but my camera decided that it didn’t want to focus but I have the link for your convenience)

I’m definitely going to try out more colors after I go through these because I am really impressed with the quality! It does not dry out my lips and stays on throughout the day pretty well. The color intensity is phenomenal as well. So really glad I found these 🙂 Oh by the way, they do have a scent to it-  reminds me of the YSL Rouge Pur Couture. This particular scent doesn’t bother me (I actually like it) but thought I should let you guys know.


Let me know if you guys have tried them out!


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