Review: Anastasia x Maya Mia

Hello everybody!

I haven’t posted in forever but that is because I moved and that kept me pretty busy.
I missed blogging so much so I am so excited to be back!

Today, I have a review on the Maya Mia palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

First off, I love the packaging of this product. The colors and the patterns are amazing! It has bright colors that draw you in instantly.

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When you open up the palette, you can see 10 beautiful shadows.

5 of the shadows are shimmery and the other 5 are matte. These shadows are very easy to work with and it blends like a dream.

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They are also are very buttery and has great pigmentation. However, for the aqua and fresh peach shadows, you will need a white base for the colors to really show on your eyes. I personally don’t like the use a white base so those colors were a miss for me but I still love to put them on my bottom lash line to give some color to my neutral eye look.

My favorite color is glisten. This color is so heavenly that I reach for it every time I wear makeup.

The shimmers show on my eyes and lasts all day. The best part of it is that I don’t have any fallouts when I apply this to my eyes! Now, the palette gets messy when I put my brush into the product but hey that is better than it being all over my face 🙂

The other colors that are in the palette are: nude, deep brown, sienna, warm taupe, vanilla, caramel and gold bar. Let me know what you guys think of this product! You can still purchase this palette at their website :

This is the look that I created with this beautiful palette. I hope you enjoy!

Processed with Rookie

The colors I used were caramel, glisten, sienna, vanilla, aqua and fresh peach.

I put caramel in my crease and blended it out so no harsh edges were visible. Then I took glisten and put it all over my lid. I placed sienna on my outer v to give some dimension to my eyes. Then I put vanilla in my inner corners to brighten up my look. Lastly, I used my Marc Jacob’s liner in introvert to line my bottom lash line and then used aqua and fresh peach beneath that to give it some more color.


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