Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio Review

The weekend is finally here! 🙂
So, I promised you guys a review/my thoughts on the Smashbox contour sticks and here it is.

I absolutely love it! I am new to cream contours and heard that these sticks would be a great way to introduce me into it.

The contour sticks are so creamy and blend able! I love it so much❤️ The colors show up well and yet doesn’t make my face look cake-y.

At first I had a hard time with it but I figured out a way to use it now and am very happy. I put my foundation on first (with a beauty blender) and then use the contour sticks to contour and highlight my face. I like to blend it in with my beauty blender. I make sure to dab/push the product in instead of swiping/sweeping a product with a brush because it will just smear the product around my face.

Here is a picture of how I use these sticks.


Seeing Tati’s video on how to contour and highlight helped me out a lot. You guys should check it out as well! Her name is glamlifeguru ❤️ or just click here to go see the video!
Tati’s video!!

Much love,